Billingshurst Coronavirus Support Group

Since launching the group of over 100 volunteers towards the end of March 2020, we have:
  • Responded to almost 300 calls
  • Completed almost 100 shopping requests
  • Collected 180 prescriptions
  • Helped many people out with friendly phone calls and other guidance
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“My Wife and I want to send you so many thanks for helping us out end of last week. You put a nice lady in touch with us and she worked a miracle. She spoke to my wife Saturday and then delivered the urgently needed zimmer frame Sunday afternoon. What a lovely lady and can you pass this on to her please as she went above and beyond her normal duties. Thank You Thank You.”

27th April 2020

D&J O, Billingshurst

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“I am 86 years old, widowed and in lock down alone.  My three daughters and their families do not live locally – the eldest lives in Switzerland, the middle one in North London and the youngest in Somerset – none of whom can help with my weekly shopping. This is where the Billingshurst CoronoVirus Support Group is such a help for weekly shopping and prescription collection. I could not carry on without their much-appreciated support and the pleasure of seeing the volunteer, even at a safe distance, who delivers my order.

Don’t be nervous to phone the Support group – the voice of a friendly volunteer on the phone will ask for your name and address, will take your order, and explain the system for payment and when it will be delivered safely –  observing the need to keep at a distance for both your good health needs.

Aren’t we lucky to have this service, so easy to use, for our benefit and help during this difficult period in lock down when many shops are closed or difficult to access?”

GY, BIllingshurst

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“I live abroad, and my elderly parents live in Billingshurst, so it is impossible for me to physically help them. I found Community Help (Billingshurst Coronavirus Support Group) on Facebook through the Billingshurst Community page and emailed them asking if they could help with shopping and collection of prescriptions for my parents. They replied to me within an hour. My parents do not like asking for help for anything, so it has been a huge weight off my mind, knowing they are now getting the help they need. Shopping is done regularly for them and left on the doorstep, their prescriptions are collected and delivered and any other requests they have. One major benefit for both myself and my parents is having a telephone call from one of the volunteers every other day, just for a chat and to make sure they are OK, or if they need anything. I can’t recommend their service enough and am hugely thankful for what they are doing, a fantastic team!”

27th April 2020

LK, Mallorca

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“I would just like to thank you to all the people at the Community Help/Billingshurst Family Church for the service you are providing for the community. Well done to you all.”

17th April 2020

RS, Billingshurst

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“My wife and I have been using the Support Group for four weeks now, and we have been very grateful for the generosity that the volunteers give in time to support us in various ways. We are both in our seventies and have been self isolating for at least five weeks. To be able to safely ask for a prescription or some basic groceries to be picked up has been a life saver. I have always been in control of our day to day requirements, and to have this COVID-19 thrust upon us, has been upsetting to say the least. The Support Group has taken away a lot of stress in wondering how to get bread, milk etc.. , and in addition we have needed prescriptions to be picked up on a couple of occasions. People should not be embarrassed about using the Support Group and the organisers have gained my total respect for their time and effort in supporting the community.”

26th April 2020

EN, Billingshurst

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“I live in South East London and the team have been great in helping me get food essentials to my elderly father. I email with a shopping list once a week, the volunteer shops for the food and takes the food to my dad’s house, then the team emails the receipt and I pay into the Support Group bank account. The system has worked well and it has been a godsend to me and my father. It is part of a system if help that i am using, and it means that my dad does not have to go shopping nor touch coins. Thank you.”

21st April 2020

AS, South East London

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“Thank you for the support in getting shopping and prescriptions for us over the past few weeks when we were needing to self isolate. It’s not always easy to ask for help but we did and am so glad that I sent the email. If you’re at all unsure I urge you to get in touch with this support group. Nothing was too much trouble.”

21st April 2020

HS, Billingshurst

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“Please can you pass on my eternal thanks and gratitude to the community volunteer team who have assisted me and my poorly mother over the last week.

I called the free service and was assisted with such kindness and care. The volunteers have picked up to essential prescriptions for my mother who is shielding at the moment and a high risk registered patient.
It’s a worrying time for all, these selfless volunteers are doing a wonderful job in the community and I just wanted them to receive the recognition they do deserve.

Thank you to them and the whole team behind the sciences coordinating the perplex operation.

I didn’t get the gentleman’s name who delivered the first prescription – but he was amazing, professional – left the item on the doorstep, rang the bell, walked away and waited for the door to be answered. Ensured that it was picked up and gave a big thumbs up!!!”

7th April 2020

TK, Billingshurst